The business rabbi knows what you need




Seth Silverton is a senior level executive and business consultant with expertise in the fields of operations consulting, strategic consulting, political consulting, brand management, executive coaching, sales management, energy and natural resources management. Seth has a decades long history of producing outstanding bottom line results. Throughout his career he has been engaged in thought leadership that combines the power of narrative with exploitation of trends to create sustainable and resilient organizations and promote responsible usage of resources. Seth's style is uniquely intuitive. He approaches each client engagement with the understanding that every business has it's own set of goals and potential. 

Seth is an experienced and sought after speaker, he has presented on the TEDx red carpet as well as numerous corporate and community events. Over the past decade, he has worked as a sustainability educator and been a leader in corporate and community sustainability. He's the creator and driving force behind a number of community-based organizations. Of particular note is Forktale, a stage-based story slam series which encourages the creation of community through personal narrative and locally sourced and prepared foods. Seth is also the founder of Village Roots, a 100% anonymous charity which has so far delivered over $250,000 worth of organic foods to at-risk families and individuals in Midcoast Maine. 

Seth is an active community leader and sits on the board of directors of the Maine Energy Marketer's Association and the Camden Windjammer Festival.

He lives in Maine with his wife Jessica and their two children, A.J. and Emma. 

Let’s talk.

But really, let’s be honest. When most people think about hiring a business consultant they are apprehensive that they will be paying for advice that, more often than not, never turns into positive change. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Someone with ‘industry experience’ portrays themselves as the savior who will make everything right again and what you get is a bean counter that spends 6 months summarizing what your problems are and offering ineffectual solutions.

I don’t work that way. I get results. My approach is holistic. My perspective is not limited to what is wrong with your business. I find the ultimate potential of your business, and I help you get there. And this is what I deliver. Again and again I have produced concrete results, dollars, cents and numbers written in black ink, not red.

Profitability and your personal prosperity are a process. I’m here to make that process a habit that becomes natural repetition. There’s no need to stay awake at night wondering what you’re missing. The answer is fresh eyes, a new perspective and momentum in the right direction. A ‘business rabbi’ is a confidant, an ally, a guide to the mental health of your organization. The business rabbi helps you see where your organizational dysfunction is and sets the preconditions for rational remedies that are thoughtful and achievable. Whether you want to talk about building your brand, strategic consulting, preparation for sale, operations management, or even executive coaching, a conversation is the very first step.

So, let’s talk.